How to get answers to questions, I still have

Just go to Mail and please use this form, of sending us an e-mail.

E-mail where the sender is not clear, where we could suspect spam,.. get deleted.

How to make a reservation

You start out by browsing through our web site.
Note that all our rates are per houseboat and per period.
Once you know what you want proceed as follows:

Step 1.
Let us know:

  • Which houseboat you want to rent.
  • The period you want to rent.
  • How many people you are.

Just go to Mail

Step 2.

  • You will get (as soon as possible) an anwer about the availibility.
  • If the boat is available in the period you wish to rent,
    you will get back a contract.(Conditions for rent)
  • If the boat is not available, you'll get information about
    which boat is still available.
  • If you wish to rent, let us know
    you will get back a contract.

Step 3.

  • Receive your reservation confirmation, after the down-payment arrived on the bank-account.

How to make a change or cancellation

  • Change:
    Just let us know, your wish and we will try to do our best.
  • Cancellation:
    Three months before renting period starts the tenant has the right
    to cancel the reservation without costs.
    Afterwards there is no right to get back the "down-payment".
    The tenant has to pay the charges for the transfer.

Arrival & Departure

  • Check "in" time is after 4 p.m.
    If there are no guests which leave, we try to be as flexible as possible.
    From 11:30 on, you can bring your luggage.
  • Check "out" time before 11am.

Frequently asked question

What else do I need to do?
Please check your e-mail after filling out and submitting the reservation.

When do I pay?

  • For reservation, you have to pay a down-payment of about 33,333% of the total rent.
  • The rest of the rent you have to pay when you arrive at the houseboat.

How can I pay??

  • payment on our bankaccount.
  • Cash when you arrive at the houseboat.

Are the boats handicapped accessible?
On each of our accommodations are stairs.
Please ask our advice first before you reserve!

Do we have to share the houseboat with other people?

NO: "The entire boat, or the intire apartment on the houseboat is for YOUR own use, with a seperate intrance".

What is the distance to the centre, museums, red light district, ...?
Go to maps
the distance Annika - Westerchurch is is about 500 meter. Distance to the DAM is about 1 km. "on the other side of the channel, where all the booat are moored is the centre os Amsterdam.

Are there any parking spaces near the boat?
Go to parking

In all the boats is central-heating and it is possible
to have it as warm as you want. Also in the winter-time. On the Pianp & Forte is in the living and bathroom floorheating.

The problem is more the other way around. It's even to dry than to humid.

Just ask, in most of the cases it's allowed.

Linen, toilet paper, soap, pots & pans?
Towels, bed linen, soap and toilet paper are provided. All cooking utensils are available.

Is a washing machine and dryer on bord?
But a launderette is very near to all the boats.

Opening times of shops?

  • A supermarket is quite near to all the houseboats.
    open: 9am / close: 8pm.
  • A lot of other shops close normally at 6pm, except Thursday evening.

About booking more than 6 months in advance?
Normally we don't book more than 6 months ahead. From 2 weeks on we make an exception.

Is it possible to rent for one day in the week-end?
NORMALLY NOT, only occasionally

One possibility is "Mac..."

Weather & Forecasts?
Please try "weather"

Note: Weather forecasts are not yet available from Weather Underground for all locations worldwide. If you get errors from Weather Underground for all of the above links, please try a nearby city or country.

Do I have an WIFI-internet-connection on the houseboat?

Annika & Nachtschade & Annema& Piano & Forte is a Wifi-connection.
You have to bring your own laptop.

Security & privacy on the houseboat

The entire boat, or the entire apartment on the houseboat with a seperate intrance is for your own use and offers you excellent privacy.
How is the information used?
Personal information is not shared by anyone.
I do not know if that exists in life. The best is still to pay attention to what's around you.
To anticipate as fast as possible, what can go wrong.

On the houseboats self, we never had any bad incident (touch wood)
and we try to keep it this way. On the Piano & Forte the windows have locks of security for children.